Pack2Rack - dance bag with rack

Pack 2 Rack Rolling Foldable Dance Bag

Pack2Rack Diamond Deal

Pack2Rack Diamond Deal

Pack 2 Rack Rolling Foldable Dance Bag

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 Pack 2 Rack Is The World's ORIGINAL folding dance bag with built in garment rack. 
Find out why Pack2Rack is the hottest competition dance bag.
* Loaded With Features: More than any competing bag.
* Sturdy Garment Rack Sets Up In Seconds
* Folds For Easy Storage Under a Bed
* High End Construction and Fabric
* Ideal Bag for Dance Competition


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As low as $182.99


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With a $250 Order of Pack2Rack Merchandise- A $70 Value

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Package Deal - Save over $100 - Diamnond Deal

Pack2Rack is like a dance closet on wheels. A "must have" for any dancer.

Designed by a former professional dancer / studio owner to help keep dancers organized.
More features than the competition:

* The most advanced Patent Pending design with more features than competing bags. 
* Sturdy, Removable Garment Rack sets up in seconds. 
EXCLUSIVE FEATURE: Advanced Rack eliminates telescopic poles which can be unreliable or easily damaged.
* Roomy storage compartment holds up to 15 costumes and accessories. 
EXCLUSIVE FEATURE: Folding feature allows storage under a bed when not in use
  Provides the capacity of a Large bag with the easy storage of a small bag 
* EXCLUSIVE “C” Shaped Lid with 5 Hanging Storage compartments: A $30 Value included Free
* Bottle Holder and Insulated snack pocket to keep snacks fresh during long events
EXCLUSIVE FEATURE: High Grade, Water Resistant "Ballistic” Fabric - Keeps costumes safe and dry.
BUILT TO LAST: High Quality Parts and Construction including Premium Zippers 
EXCLUSIVE FEATURE: 2 Large Matching Personalization Patches to customize your bag
* Light Colored Interior helps performers locate small or dark accessories quickly
* NEW! Now featuring 3 wheels for ease of pulling on stairs and inclines. 
* Double Adjustable Interior Straps keep costumes secured
* NEW! Extra Large Back Pocket- completely accommodates the Pack2Rack Folding Chair. Legs do not stick out.
* Multiple interior compartments to stay organized
* NEW!  Reinforced Rack support for extra strength
* Ideal Bag for Competition Dance, Recitals, Skaters, Travel and more
* 10 Month Limited Warranty
* Dimensions 31"x17"x14" (Meets check-in size limits for most airlines without a surcharge)
* Rack is 59 inches from the ground when assembled (7 inches higher than the competition)

Garment bags, chair, makeup case, changing curtain and mirror sold separately. 2 blank patches are included with bag, customization sold separately.

Pack 2 Rack Mirror 
Changing Curtain
Customized Patch
Garment Bags
Folding Stool
Cosmetic Bag
Shoe Bag





11 Colors In Stock for Immediate Shipment

Royal Blue / Neon 
Black / sky blue 


black / purple 

Black /  Fuchsia
Black / Scarlet
Grey / Purple Zippers
Grey / Fuchsia Zippers
Black / Neon Yellow zippers





A Dancer's Worst Fear....

Imagine a young dancer you know. She is just minutes away from going on stage for a big performance. She's spent countless hours practicing and perfecting a routine for this very moment. All of her hard work is about to pay off....Or is it?

Somehow she misplaced an important costume piece. She's frantically scrambling through a disorganized and over-stuffed suitcase, grasping for that missing piece....and she can't find it. She's trying to stay calm but the clock is ticking.....

Now she's on stage and instead of enjoying her special moment in the spotlight she's distracted, thinking about the missing costume piece. She's wondering where it is and how many people notice her mistake. Its a huge distraction that can ruin an otherwise enjoyable dance experience.

It can affect her teammates and teachers too. Unfortunately this is a very real and very common occurrence. Ask any experienced performer and they will admit that being on stage and unprepared is one of the most stressful situations imaginable. It can be embarrassing and even scary.

People actually have nightmares about this scenario.

Don't Let This Happen

The problem many dancers face today, especially competitive performers, is they may have 5, 8,10 or more different costumes. Each costume may have different shoes, tights, hair pieces, under garments, props and cosmetics. Often all of this is jammed into an undersized suitcase designed for a weekend getaway.

It's a lot to keep track of- even for extremely organized people. Plus, dancers often have just a few minutes to remove one costume, put it away and change into another costume before going back on stage again.

Every Dancer Deserves The Tools to Succeed

Dancers spend countless hours training and perfecting their craft. Usually their only reward is performing in front of an audience. Don't they deserve the tools to succeed and have fun?

Now there is a solution.

Pack2Rack was conceived by a former professional dancer and studio owner. Pack2Rack helps performers stay organized to achieve their dreams.

What is Pack2Rack?

Pack2Rack is a rolling garment bag with a detachable costume rack that set up in seconds. Its designed with 1 purpose: to help performers stay organized. Unlike other solutions, Pack2Rack isn't simply a repurposed suitcase with a rack attached. Pack2Rack was designed from scratch with performers unique needs in mind.

Pack2Rack is loaded with special features.

* Removable Garment Rack sets up in seconds. Pack2Rack does not use telescopic poles which can be unreliable or easily damaged

* Roomy storage compartment holds up to 15 costumes and accessories.

* EXCLUSIVE Folding feature allows storage under a bed when not in use

* EXCLUSIVE “C” Shaped Lid with 5 Hanging Storage compartments: A $30 Value include Free

* Bottle Holder and Insulated snack pocket to keep items fresh during long events

* High Grade Water Resistant "Ballistic” Fabric

* 2 Large Personalization Patches to customize your bag

* Light Colored Interior helps performers locate small or dark accessories quickly

This is a special order item. Garment bags, chair, cosmetic case and mirror sold separately. 2 Patches included with bag, customization sold separately. Recommended age 13+, Made in China.















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